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PureFormulas Review

Are you serious about your health? You probably eat organic and take your vitamin D, and we bet your kids are getting their apple cider vinegar. So, where do you shop for your health supplements? "In this day and age," –we all have a stack of supplements on the kitchen counter, and everyone in the family is on a personalized vitamin routine.

Jose Prendes understood the need all of us have for high-quality supplements, and that's why he founded PureFormulas in 2007. Over the last 13-years, as acting CEO, Jose led the company to become one of America's fastest-growing e-retailers. Jose is an embodiment of the American dream, and a true testament to entrepreneurship thriving in a free market economy.

PureFormulas offers the best selection of third-party-tested supplements available. If you want probiotics, vitamins, minerals, herbs, whatever you want, PureFormulas has it for you.

In this detailed review, we have provided an analysis of PureFormulas along with a comparison of costs, results, and usability.   

pureformulas reviews

We recommend PureFormulas Supplements

The Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum is an amazing choice for softening wrinkles and repairing age spots naturally.   

The Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum performs across several metrics


Access to top quality products with a focus on quality and value


Convenient user interface

Fast shipping


Excellent value for the in-house range

Fantastic rewards program and $10 voucher for referring a friend

Overall rating :  4 / 5

Overall, we think that PureFormulas is a decent place to get your monthly supplement stack. Then prices are reasonable, and the convenience and range are excellent. 

It's easy to see how PureFormulas evolved from a small player to an industry behemoth in a little over a decade.

The PureFormulas Models – Use Reputation to Build Social Proof and Success

Mr. Prendes played a clever business model when founding the company. PureFormulas understands that many people are loyal to their favorite supplement brands.

When founding the company, Jose had his team focus on creating affiliate sales partnerships with leading brands, promoting products from popular premium brands everyone loves.

PureFormulas has a genius marketing team behind the brand. Over ten or so years, it became a go-to source for Americans to get all their favorite supplements shipped directly to their door from one retailer. No more going to GNC for this, and another health store for that – with PureFormulas, you have everything you need under one roof.

As PureFormulas gained in reputation and market share, it starts to introduce its in-house branded line of supplements. You can get everything from coconut oil to zinc picolinate from the PURE Formulas in-house brand, and the pricing is competitive.

PureFormulas claim all its products have third-party testing, and they manufacture in the United States. All facilities meet GMP-certification for production and packaging standards, producing certified organic and NSF Certified for Sport® supplements. With ISO backing and VCP-certified raw materials, PURE Formulas offer clean, high-quality ingredients in all their supplement formulations.

Now, with a solid reputation, a sizable market share – and the in-house range of supplements, PureFormulas is one of the most successful online supplement brands in the world.

Why Should You Choose PureFormulas?

Pricing – Overall, the pricing on PureFormulas is in line with other retailers, and the PureFormulas brand offers excellent value for money on in-house supplements.

Customer Support – PureFormulas is the best in the business; they really are. With hassle-free returns and refunds, you'll never have to worry about getting your money back for anything your return.

Wide Product range – This site has a bit of everything, from essential vitamin and mineral complexes to nootropics. They might not have specific items, but you'll be surprised at the extensive range on offer. We found Vitamin D capsules in 1,000IU and 5,000IU when there are supposedly shortages at other retailers.

Physical Store – PureFormulas has headquarters in Miami, and its also home to the country's only customer-facing storefront premises for retail sales.

Award-Winning – PureFormulas marketing is on point, and they are a recipient of the Trust Pilot best in category award. The company has a host of other accolades, including the coveted Bizrate Circle of Excellence award.

Excellent Product Quality – Fantastic in-house range with top brands.

Promo codes – You'll find site-wide codes on various supplements, giving you access to discounts of up to 20% off.

Payments – Credit cards and PayPal accepted, but no crypto option.


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