Hydrow Rower Review [2021 Verdict]

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Hydrow Rowing Machine Review

It comes as no surprise that more and more people are looking to incorporate rowing into their workout regimens.  Rowing has been found to have several fitness benefits including X, Y, and Z.  

The two found themselves frustrated with the lack of surfer-specific skincare products available. So, they decided to launch a brand and develop products to cater to surfers' eco-conscious minds, all around the globe.

Hydrow Inc. was founded in 2017 by the current CEO, Mr. Bruce Smith. With his extensive experience in rowing as an athlete and a coach of the U.S. National Team, Mr. Smith knows the benefits.

Consequently, Hydrow Inc. aims to bring that experience into its customers’ homes.  With the prototype completed in June 2018, the company’s first product was shipped less than a year later.

In this detailed review, we have provided an analysis of the Hydrow Rower along with an evaluation of the key product features that make this product a must buy.   

We recommend the Hydrow Rower for those looking to build muscle and endurance

The Hydro Rower is an amazing choice for those looking for an engaging, at-home workout solution

The Hydro Rower performs well across several metrics


The product has an excellent blend between function and form - constructed with the commercial-grade materials. 


Hydrow allows you to access countless live and and on-demand classes from the comfort of your home.   


While on the expensive side, with regular use you will save money on useless exercise classes and diet pills.  

Overall rating :  4 / 5

The company’s rowing machine is simply called ‘The Hydrow’. With this intricately crafted equipment, persons can get a full-body workout from the comfort of their homes. The machine is designed to engage up to 86% of your muscles while keeping you comfortable and balanced.

Given that The Hydrow comes with an expanding database of live and on-demand classes, you’ll have a variety of effective exercise programs to choose from.

These programs are provided by experienced athletes with diverse backgrounds. If you’re more interested in moving at your own pace, unguided journeys are available as well.

Additionally, with its computer-controlled resistance, you’ll get the benefit of a high-energy but low-impact workout.

Who should buy the Hydrow Rowing Machine?

As with all exercise equipment, there are pros and cons to consider before buying The Hydrow. According to reviews, customers have enjoyed the machine’s durability and comfort. The variety of exercise programs and the support from the online community have also garnered high marks.

On the downside, customers have noted that they’re unable to adjust the music volume, the videos can’t be paused, and third-party devices aren’t supported. There is also a concern that the machine can’t be stored in an upright position without buying additional equipment.

How to Buy the Hydrow Rower

You can buy the rower from Hydrow Inc.’s website for $2,199. With this order, you’ll receive free standard shipping as well as a warranty for home use.

Along with purchasing the equipment, there is a membership cost of $38 per month that gives you unlimited user profiles to access the exercise programs. Hydrow Inc. offers a 30-day home trial risk-free as well, so if you aren’t satisfied, they will refund the entire order.

Hydrow Inc. also has other support products for its rower. These include an upright storage kit for $69.99 and a heavy-duty machine mat for $79.99.

Yay or Nay – The Final Verdict

The Hydrow rower is a well-designed machine that can help you work out effectively while providing comfort and flexibility.

The immersive experience works well if you’re looking to connect with the outdoors from the comfort of your home.


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