How to Look Good on Zoom

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Zoom stock shot to the moon at the beginning of the pandemic. Companies sent the workforce home, relying on remote work to keep business moving in a new normal.

Zoom picked up where Skype left off, allowing multi-viewer conference meetings. Within a few weeks, Zoom was the benchmark for the industry. The app soared to the top of popular downloads at app stores, revolutionizing corporate and social conferencing and communications.

Zoom is a serious business. If you have a meeting coming up, you need to look your best and sound great. Here are our top 5 tips for how to look good on Zoom.

#1 Brighten Your Smile

Your smile is the focal point of your face. Check out all the other people in your zoom meeting and look at their smiles.

A bright, white set of teeth is an attractive visual point, and we notice it subconsciously. Ensuring you have clean, white teeth gives you more self-confidence, and people will want to hear your ideas.  Fortunately there are several teeth whitening products that allow you to achieve this – with our favorite being Smile Direct Club. 

SmileDirectClub is the best choice for at-home teeth whitening and alignment. We recommend visiting the Smile Direct Club website if you are looking to get teeth whitening and straightening services.

SmileDirectClub makes it affordable to correct and enhance your smile, giving you the teeth you deserve. Feel confident behind the camera, and speak with passion and authority – fix your smile today.

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, we recommend ordering an at-home impression kit or visiting a SmileShop to get started. 

#2 Create Your Space

When setting up your workspace, make sure you take a look at your background. Having your unmade bed and clothes lying around your room is going to make your managers and co-workers think twice about your habits and hygiene.

Pick a spot in a well-lit room, and face the camera to a blank wall. Try and use a white wall if you can, as it reflects the light and makes your facial features more prominent on-screen. Check your lighting setup and look before logging on.

#3 Dress to Suit the Meeting

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can rock up for the meeting wearing your boxers. Zoom is a visual platform, and your manager wants to see you as you present yourself in the office.

If you log into the meeting and don’t look the part, your manager might think you’re not productive with your time at home.

Ensure you take the time to pick out the same clothing you would normally wear to the office. Sure, you don’t have to wear it for the rest of the day, but impressions count while you’re in the meeting.

#4 Remember Hygiene

If you’re a guy, make sure you shave if that’s a requirement around the office. For the ladies, make sure your hair and makeup are on point. Your manager has no way of telling what you are doing when you’re at home.

If you turn up for the meeting looking unclean and disheveled, they might even think you have the corona! Impressions make a difference, and your hygiene and clothing make a big difference on the call.

#5 Look Up to the Camera

When setting up your webcam for the call, make sure you have it, so you have to look up to the camera. No-one in the meeting wants a glorious shot of your nose hairs. There should be a slight angle to the camera, and that gives the impression you’re paying attention to your screen.

Think of it like taking a selfie. We’re sure you would agree that the high-angle shot is a better choice than the low-angle, right? Remember to check the lighting, and if you need an artificial light source, set up a lamp nearby and remove the shade.


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