Flo Vitamins Reviews: Is This The PMS Relief That You Need?

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Do you deal with painful cramping during your menstrual cycle? You might not realize it, but the nutrition in your food plays a vital role in regulating your cycle and reducing the adverse effects of cramping and pain.

Unfortunately, the reality is that our food doesn't have all the nutrition we need to maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals required to keep things running smoothly throughout the month. Fortunately, Flo Vitamins promises to resolve that problem.

Our Flo Vitamins reviews look at this revolutionary donut-shaped vitamin gummy that promises to relieve the pain and the cramping from your menstrual cycle.

Flo Vitamins states their gummies have a specialized formulation for alleviating bloating, cramping, pain, mood swings, and hormonal imbalance associated with your menstrual cycle. Featured in top-level publications like Town & Country and Forbes, Flo could be the answer you're looking for to help you get through your cycle.

With its pink-colored gummies and marketing materials and its no-nonsense claims, Flo reached out to many young women, gaining 45.5k followers on Instagram and 37k followers on Facebook. So, is this vitamin gummy right for you?

We recommend Flo Vitamins

flo vitamins reviews

Flo Vitamins are one of the best PMS solutions 


  • It contains proven ingredients to mitigate the effects of cramping, pain, mood swings, and hormonal imbalances caused by menstruation.
  • The organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, all-natural formulation is suitable for vegans.
  • There are tens of thousands of verified positive user reviews.
  • The gummies are tasty.
  • Manufactured in the USA.


  • No option for international shipping.

Our Recommendation:

If you deal with pain, cramping, mood swings, and hormonal imbalances during your cycle, try Flo vitamin gummies. They promise to provide you with relief from your symptoms.

The company already has a legion of dedicated followers, and they all swear by the results they get from using the product. Give it a try for yourself and test the companies claims. You get a money-back guarantee and a risk-free trial.

What Is Flo Vitamins?

Brianna and Bobby Bitton founded Flo Vitamins in 2018. The siblings wanted to make a product to help women deal with PMSD symptoms caused by heavy menstrual cycles. The pair state that many women suffer from these issues of pain and cramping during their menstrual cycle, but few dare to talk about it.

Flo has headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, with all manufacturing taking place in the United States under GMP guidelines. The Flo ingredients profile consists of proven supplements designed to reduce all the issues women face during menstruation.

The Flo team state that you'll need to take two gummies a day for two months to see the full effect of using the product. However, depending on your mineral and vitamin deficiency, you could end up experiencing results in as little as a few weeks with regular use.

How Does It Work?

Every bottle of Flo gummies contains 60 servings for a month's supply. The gummies have a donut shape with a pink color that's inviting, and they taste great too! Flo uses plant-based ingredients in the formulation, ensuring that the product is safe and suitable for vegans.

The Flo formulation contains science-backed ingredients proven to help your body manage the symptoms of PMS. Flo gummies can alleviate cramps, mood swings, hormonal acne, bloating and ease your digestion with regular use.

Flo gummies contain chaste berry, dong Quai, lemon balm, and Vitamin B6. There is no "pixie dust" proprietary formulation, just proven ingredients that work. Most customers using Flo gummies state they receive a noticeable reduction in their PMS symptoms in just 60-days.

You need to take a serving of the gummies twice a day to receive the best results. If you miss a dose, that's fine; just keep going the next day without the need to double-up on your dose. Flo builds a steady increase in your vitamin and mineral levels over time, giving your body what it needs to reduce PMS symptoms when your cycle arrives.

What Does It Cost?

Flo vitamin gummies are available in containers with 60 gummies for two servings a day, giving you a month's supply. The cost of a single bottle of Flo Gummies is $30, and you have the option of signing up for a subscriptions service.

If you decide to take the subscription, you get a $5 discount on each bottle you purchase, reducing the price tag to just $25 per bottle. With the subscription service, you never have to worry about running out of Flo, with your vitamins delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the United States.

You have the option of setting up your subscription for renewal every 30 or 60-days. You also get a "Happiness" guarantee, offering you your money back if you're not entirely satisfied with the product. Start your risk-free trial with Flo today!

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The Cleanse blend is for the afternoon, giving your digestive system the antioxidants and micronutrients it needs to cleanse and detoxify. The Cleanse formulation also assists with aiding digestion, helping you draw more nutrients from your food while reducing cravings for processed foods and sugar.

You get a two-week or four-week Flat Tummy Tea program available to suit your goals. If you subscribe to the Flat Tummy Tea Program, you also get the "Maintain" formula to assist you with keeping off the fat after you finish your two or four-week course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Flo vitamin gummies have FDA approval?

The FDA doesn't approve any supplements. However, the FDA does regulate the ingredients found in supplements, including Flo gummies. Flo states that it follows all FDA guidelines with its formulation, ensuring you get a safe and effective product. Flo utilizes in-house testing for the strength, purity, and composition of its vitamin gummies.

How often do I need to take my Flo vitamin gummies?

You'll need to use the gummies twice a day. The vitamins build up slowly in your system, and it takes time to reach the critical levels required to impact your physiology. Many users make the mistake of using the gummies only during their cycle. You'll need to take them every day if you want to see results.

How long will I have to wait before noticing a difference from using Flo vitamin gummies?

A: According to information from Flo, it takes around two months for your body to build up enough levels of the essential vitamins required to improve your menstrual cycle. However, plenty of women state they feel a noticeable effect from the product after a week of use.


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