Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller: Is there a difference?

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Is your back killing you? If you're one of the millions of Americans dealing with back pain, you're probably reading this in the hope of finding a solution to your problem.

We have good news for you. It's possible to relieve the pain associated with back pain with stretching. That's right. What if we told you your medication is not the cure?

In this review of the Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller, we'll look at two options for resolving your back pain. You don't need drugs, you need a real solution that delivers results, and we have the answer for you.  

Chirp Wheel Review

We recommend the Chirp Wheel for your back stretching needs.  

The Chirp Wheel and Chirp Wheel Plus beat any foam roller for the best equipment to relieve back pain. The Plexor Wheel and a standard Yoga wheel are better choices than a foam roller, but they don't have the expansion groove offered in the Chirp Wheel.

It's a critical component that deepens the spinal stretch, getting more out of the exercise. With the Chirp Wheel, you get the best results in relieving your back pain and fewer trips to the chiropractor's office.

Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller Comparison

Flexibility & Use

A foam roller has a smaller diameter, making it unsuitable for use on your lumbar spine.  A foam roller doesn't have the same targeted stretching for the upper and lower spine as the Chirp and Chirp Plus 

Stretch Quality

The Chirp Wheel gives you a deeper stretch, thanks to the expansion groove in the center of the wheel.


The Chirp and Chirp Plus come in a range of sizes for different back stretches all for under $100.  Foam rollers are cheaper but generally have a short lifespan and are made with less quality materials.     

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

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Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller – How Do They Work?

A traditional foam roller is a great at-home device for soft tissue massage and self-manipulation of the mid and upper back.

However, they come in small diameters and mostly suit all-round body use. A foam roller can help you work the tension out of stiff and sore muscles, and it also provides minor spinal manipulation for pain relief.  We also have a deeper Chirp Wheel review as well to understand its impact on back tension.   

With the Chirp Wheel and Chirp Plus, you get a larger diameter, giving you spine more range-of-motion in a stretch. The Chirp Wheel has a dedicated design for stretching out the spine, with the center groove in the wheel stretching out your spinal joints.

Chirp Wheel Pro


  • Targeted stretching of the upper and lower back
  • Dedicated groove for deepening stretch
  • Better range of motion for your spine
  • Reduces the need for chiropractic treatments
  • Ideal for maintaining spinal health
  • Comes in three different wheel sizes for various stretches


  • Costs more than a standard foam roller

Foam Roller


  • Cheaper than the Chirp Wheel


  • No targeted stretching
  • No way of deepening the stretch
  • The small diameter makes it unsuitable for stretching the lower back

Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller – Is there a Chirp Wheel Alternative?

There are a few alternatives to the Chirp Wheel, but they don't offer the same functionality level.

Chirp Wheel vs Yoga Wheel

A standard yoga wheel is a better choice than a foam roller, but it lacks the groove's targeted stretching in the Chirp and Chirp Plus, and you don't get as many wheel sizes.

Chirp Wheel vs Plexus Wheel

The Plexus wheel is a good back-stretching device, and we prefer it over the standard Yoga Wheel. However, you don't get as many sizes s the Chip and the Chirp Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chirp Wheel worth the extra money over a foam roller?

Yes, the Chirp Wheel and Chirp Wheel Plus are the best investment you'll ever make in your back health.

With the Chirp Wheel, you get targeted stretching of your upper and lower back, with more range of motion and a better stretch than a standard foam roller.

Can the chirp Wheel replace my chiropractic treatment?

No, you'll still need to see your chiropractor from time to time for adjustments. The Chirp Wheel is not going to replace your chiropractor. However, it is a valuable addition to your treatment.

You can't get o the chiropractor every day, that would cost a fortune, and you don't have the time or money for that.

The Chirp Wheel allows you to maintain your posture and stretch out your back at home. As a result, your chiropractor will have less work to do when putting you back together.

Is the Chirp Wheel FDA Approved?

The Chirp Wheel and Chirp Wheel Pluss have official recognition as an FDA-registered medical device.


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