Chirp Wheel Review – Does it Work?

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Chirp Back Roller Review

Is your back killing you? According to research from the American Chiropractic Association, over 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lives. Over one-half of all working Americans will have to deal with back pain this year, which accounts for more than 264-million lost working days.

Back pain is a real thing, and it hurts.

In 2015, the Plexus Wheel burst onto the yoga and physical therapy scene. The product is the brainchild of Tate Stock, who self-funded the project. Stock put $400 into building Plexus wheels, and saw a $12,000 return on his money, inspiring him to pursue the venture after he graduated from Brigham Young University.

In 2016 and 2017, sales of the Plexus wheel were skyrocketing, so much that Stock had to open a shipping company – ShipStud to handle the logistics responsibilities of the business. In 2018, Stock decided to open a Kickstarter to raise money to fund the updated model of the Plexus Wheel Plus, which would eventually become the Chirp Wheel+.

The Kickstarter was a smashing success, raising over $1.5-million in 45-days, making it the 4th most-funded Kickstarter project out of Utah. Today, the Chirp Wheel+ is a household name among physical therapists and chiropractors around the United States.

In this detailed review, we have provided an analysis of the Chirp Wheel Pro along with a key comparison of its features and usability.   

Chirp Wheel Review

We recommend Chirp Wheel Plus

After several weeks of use, we saw a significant reduction in our back pain.  We were particularly impressed by the Chirp Wheel's quality and ease of use.  The Chirp Wheel is designed to put your lumbar spine in extension which allow relaxation for the different muscles in the back.

The Chirp Wheel Plus performs across several metrics


4-way stretch with ergonomic center groove for enhanced joint support and manipulation.  Lightweight and strong enough to support up to 500-lbs.  


The company offers free shipping and allows you to receive Chirp Wheel at your doorstep.    


Affordable pricing ranging from just under $50 to $65.  Easily beats the cost of a visit to the chiropractor.  The company also offers great discount offers.  

Overall rating :  4 / 5

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How Does the Chirp Wheel Work?

The Chirp Wheel+ has a specific design to target your spine and supporting muscles, stretching them out to relieve compression that drives nerve and joint pain. The Chirp wheel features design and construction with injection-molded polymers that are lightweight, and strong enough to support up to 500-lbs.

On the exterior, you get a 20-mm thick padding that relieves the pressure from the wheel, helping you to maximize your stretch. The Chirp wheel is 5-inches wide, with a specific design to kit between your shoulder blades during use.

The Chirp Wheel+ kit comes with three different size wheels included. The 12-inch provides the broadest and most comfortable stretch along your spine, allowing for a gentle movement of the joints in the spine. With the 12-inch wheel, you roll along the entire length of your back to open all the vertebrae in your spine.

The 10-inch wheel provides you with a focused stretch, and it's suitable for use on the mid and upper back. However, please don't use it on the lower back, or it causes pain.

The 6-inch wheel helps with targeted deep-tissue stretching and massage for isolated problem areas. Please don't use the 6-inch wheel on your lower back, but it's suitable for rolling out your hips, calves, and shoulders.

The Chirp Wheel – Better than a Foam Roller for Curing Back Pain

So, what's the difference between the Chirp Wheel+ and a standard foam roller?

The Chirp Wheel+ comes in three sizes for different applications, as we mentioned earlier. However, the Chirp Wheel+ has a unique design component – the groove in the wheel's center.

This grove contours to your spine, gently pushing the supporting spinae and trapezius muscles apart as you roll. You are getting the vertical movement as you would with the foam roller, but you're also getting a horizontal stretch. That adds up to a 4-way stretch that feels amazing with every roll.  The foam on the Chirp Wheel was firm, but soothing.  

We put together a few brief pros and cons for the Chirp Wheel+


  • Comes in three sizes for targeted relief of your back pain
  • 4-way stretch with ergonomic center groove for enhanced joint support and manipulation
  • Lightweight and strong enough to support up to 500-lbs
  • 20-mm padded exterior


  • Not as wide as a foam roller, but fits snugly between the shoulder blades
  • Challenging to balance on for the first few sessions

Our Chirp Wheel Review – Is It Worth It?

My Chirp Wheel review is extremely positive. I enjoyed using the 12-inch model on the floor and it provided strong joint support and stretching.  The 6-inch version provided a great deep tissue massage.  It was lightweight and perfect for traveling.  The bundle was perfect if you want to have both the 6 inch and 12 inch version.     

The Chirp Wheel Options and Recommendation

The Chirp Wheel+ is available as a single wheel option in three different sizes, or as a bundle.

  • 6-inch (single) $45
  • 10-inch (single) $55
  • 12-inch (single) $65
  • 3-wheel pack $99
  • Ultimate back pain bundle $119.97

(The Ultimate back pain bundle includes all three wheels, an upper back posture corrector, a carry case, and video tutorials)

So, do we think that the Chirp Wheel Plus is worth the money? Yes, it's a remarkably useful therapy tool for back pain, with thousands of happy customer reviews. Chirp includes a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with your purchase, so what have you go to lose?

 Order your Chirp Wheel+ today and keep the back pain away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the chirp wheel legit?

Yes, the Chirp Wheel is the perfect device for reducing tension in the back.  The Chirp Wheel can support more than 500 pounds and is completely PVC free.  It can be used by all types of people ranging from teenagers to older adults.  It is an affordable solution for back pain relief.   

Does chirp wheel help with sciatica and back pain?

Yes, the Chirp Wheel provides easy and affordable back pain relief.  The Chirp Wheel relaxes back muscles using its patent pending Spinal Canal and Compression Padding that provides exceptional comfort.  The Chirp Wheel provides a unique 4 way stretch. 

Is the Chirp Wheel or Yoga Wheel better?

The Chirp Wheel is the better choice because of the high quality materials and specialized padding used.  A traditional yoga wheel is similar to the Chirp Wheel, but can come with different materials and quality guarantees.  The Chirp Wheel has more than 3700 5 star reviews. 

Is Chirp Wheel recommended by chiropractors?  

Yes, the Chirp Wheel is recommended by an extensive network of more than 3000 chiropractors.  Chiropractors and physical therapists recommend using the Chirp Wheel in person visits.  It helps maintain the work done by chiropractors and can help reduce unnecessary visits.    


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