Care of Vitamins Review – Do they work?

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Care/of Vitamin Reviews

What are you taking? That's a common question among moms, gym goers, and athletes when talking about the vitamin stack they're using to boost their nutrition.

The reality is that nutrition is personalized, and everyone is different. What works for someone else might not work for you. Some people do well with carbs; others need a ketogenic diet to feel healthy. You need to take the same customized and individualized approach to supplementing as you do with your diet plan and exercise routine.

With this principle in mind, Akash Shah and Craig Elbert founded "Care/of" in NYC in 2016.

Get our perspective on the Care/of Vitamin craze below

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Overall rating :  4 / 5

If you're considering signing up for Care/of, then we think you'll be spending a minimum of around $20 per month on your stack. In most cases, if you're an active person, you can budget for between $40 to $50. Including supplements like probiotics increases the price of the stack considerably.

Overall, we have to say that the customized service and convenience from Care/ of makes this model successful. The customer service is excellent, and our inquiry about including probiotics in your plan received attention in less than 12-hours.

Take the hassle and effort out of researching and planning your supplementation, let the experts take "Care/ of" your nutritional needs.

What Is Care/of?

This company offers you a personalized nutritional service, providing daily vitamin packs to meet your dietary needs. When you sign up with Care/ of and create an account, the site runs through a questionnaire about your lifestyle, habits, nutritional goals, and values.

Using this information, the team picks out a specialized vitamin blend to suit your needs. The site offers an excellent example of the way the system operates.

The CEO and Co-founder of the site, Craig Elbert, uses this custom vitamin pack.

  • Rhodiola – for energy
  • Fish Oil – Because he doesn't eat fish
  • Magnesium – For stress management and better sleep
  • Vitamin D – Because New Yorkers don't get much sunlight

His Partner and co-founder, Akash Shah, has the following blend.

  • B-12 – Because he's a vegetarian
  • Ashwagandha – For stress management
  • Calcium – For bone health
  • Veggie-omega – The plant-based alternative to fish oil
 As you can see from the example, the two clearly have different nutritional needs, and Care/ of wants to provide the same service for your lifestyle

Why Do You Need Care/ of in Your Life?

Care/ of provides a customized health solution for your supplementation needs. This company offers bespoke nutritional guidance to help you get the nutrition you need. There is no cookie-cutter formula for your daily vitamin pack. Some people need 5-supplements, while others might have to take up to 15 tablets, powders, or pills for their daily nutritional requirements.

Care/ of uses third-party tested ingredients in all its supplement stacks. There's no chance of cross-contamination, and you get high-quality ingredients in all your supplements. The quiz on the site when signing up goes in-depth into your lifestyle. It includes interesting questions, such as "are you taking any anti-anxiety or depression medication?"

If you answer yes to this query, there are no follow-up questions, the research and development team note this in the findings and cater your supplement stack around your answers. Think of the quiz as a speed dating session; the company is getting to know you. The more honest and open you are to them about your lifestyle, habits, and goals – the better they can cater your stack to your needs.

Based on your answers, the company will include adaptogens to your vitamin pack. These herbs and mushrooms can help you deal with stress and fatigue. The questionnaire also wants to know about your sleeping habits and your diet plan. So, if you're a vegetarian, your needs will be different from those who eat meat.

Care/ of not only gives you a daily vitamin pack option, but you also get to include "Quick Sticks" into your supplement plan. These packs contain a convenient dose of vitamins and minerals, designed to give you a boost in certain situations during the day.

  • Pocket Protector – Boost your cognitive capabilities in the classroom or office
  • Gut Check – Enhance digestion and reduce digestive inflammation
  • Extra Batteries – Get instant energy when you need it
  • Dream Team – Sleep like a baby

Your Care-of vitamin pack comes personalized with your name on the front, so you know it's not something they just have lying around on the shelf.

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