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How to Look Good on Zoom

Zoom stock shot to the moon at the beginning of the pandemic. Companies sent the workforce home, relying on remote work to keep business moving in a new normal. Zoom picked up where Skype left off, allowing multi-viewer conference meetings. Within a few weeks, Zoom was the benchmark for the industry. The app soared to the…

Myro Deodorant Review – A Natural Solution that Works?

By Humankind Deodorant ReviewsMyro is a startup with offices in New York City. This brand offers a plant-powered natural deodorant that they claim is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and effective. Myro intends to disrupt the deodorant business, receiving $2-million in seed funding from its partner’s Entrepreneurs Roundtable, Accelerator, Lakehouse Ventures, and others. Greg Laptevsky founded Myro after leaving…

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